Fine Airport Parking parking garage

Fine Airport Parking

Fine Airport Parking Garage uses state of the art traffic and revenue control systems and offers first class service to travelers utilizing the Tulsa International Airport. The facility features a fully covered top deck, detail shop, hotel style lobby, and corporate offices for Fine Airport Parking.

Tulsa Parking Authority

This project consists of a 400 car addition to the existing parking structure and a new pedestrian bridge spanning from the garage to the Williams Center. The design of this garage was intended to complement the City Hall parking structure one block to the east.

21st Street Parkade

As part of the St. John Medical Center, Year 2000 Campus Expansion , this 10-story, 1,800 car parkade was constructed to facilitate parking for the new Siegfried Tower and Williams Medical Plaza located on either end of the structure. This new garage offers an internal enclosed pedestrian walkway, a heliport connected to the emergency department and fuel storage for the hospital generators.

Wheeling Parkade

The Wheeling Parkade was designed to support a new Medical Office Building constructed on the St. John Medical Center Campus and replace public parking displaced by the new facility. Included with the design was an elevated, enclosed walkway connecting the new building and parkade to the hospital. This project also included an elevated drive across Wheeling Avenue to connect to an existing parkade with an inefficient vehicular circulation system allowing the existing facility to utilize the new parkade’s more efficient circulation system.

Community Care Parkade

This parking structure was designed to facilitate parking for the Community Care Building in downtown Tulsa.